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What Do Termites Look Like 10 Unique Facts About Termite’s

termitesWhat Do Termites Look Like | Termites are social insects, which were known as a threat to human life. Termites also still close relatives with the ants into termites also called white ants. But, termites softer body and wider waist. Such as ants, termites also live in a colony led by the queen and king termites.

Here are 10 Unique and Interesting Facts about What Do Termites Look Like:

  1. Although he was small, the termite colony can destroy buildings
  2. Termites live in colonies with a membership of up to 10 million termites
  3. Termites must live in groups as if parting he could not survive or can be said die
  4. Termites most like to gnaw wood is porous and leaving only the bark alone
  5. Termites or termite winged adults often referred to as Laron or Anai-anai
  6. At the beginning of the rainy season, moths fly out of the nest flocked approaching that of light
  7. Queen termites a day can produce 30 thousand eggs.
  8. The termites build mud nest and shaped in the form of a high mound of earth and great with plenty of room inside.
  9. Inside the nest, termites build fungus gardens for food. Nests are also equipped with a special chimney that serves as a room air conditioning.
  10. The termite queen and king are very large. However, the queen termite larger with a length of 11 cm, while the king termites only 2 cm in length. While termite soldiers assigned to guard the queen is only 1 cm in length.
  11. Termites nesting colony in the basement at the beginning of the rainy season where the soil moist so some adult termites will winged then out of the nest to the ground and swarm lights. According to the story termites has purpose toward the moon to hold a contest. Before leaving termites collected in a room in the hive and briefed by the king and queen.

So those are some facts about What Do Termites Look Like from http://termitesblog.com/, maybe from those unique fact you will getting closer to the termite’s life.

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